Perspective #5/31

I am joining Two Writing Teachers for the March Slice of Life Challenge.

Autumn, my 13 year-old foster daughter was snuggled up next to me last night while I wrote my Slice of Life story.  After I hit publish, she said to me, "It's interesting to get other people's perspective."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, you said I was brave and I don't think I'm brave."

"Tell me more," I prodded.

"Right before practice started, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I couldn't believe that I said I wanted to try out.  Then I started to worry.  Once it got started, I was ok, but I didn't know if I would be."

Perspective is interesting, isn't it?  From my perspective, she is very brave.  When I was that age, I would never have tried out for something that I had never done before.  In addition, she's had to work through things I can't imagine experiencing.  I hope that someday, she'll share my perspective on how amazing she is.  I hope that she'll give herself credit for all the things she's gone through and accomplished.  Until then, my husband and I will be right here to remind her that she is, indeed, a beautiful, brave young lady who has lots to offer the world.


  1. love love love this - so sweet - so short - so real - thank you!

  2. Like John, I love this slice!!! She is definitely brave! Brave doesn't mean you don't feel like throwing up, it just means you do it anyway!

  3. You are teaching her so much. Standing by her and supporting can mean everything.

  4. So very real. Even the way she describes it, the sickness in her stomach, it brought me back to a few moments in my life where I felt that tug of fear and anxiety. And you're right, she is brave. Bravery. Courage. These things don't embody the absence of fear. They illustrate being afraid, and finding a way to push through it. Thanks for the smile that accompanied this slice.

  5. This post is so sweet. I had to go back and read your last one to get the full picture and it was just as great. How wonderful that you let Autumn read your blog posts so she can see herself through your eyes. I hope she will give herself credit one day and continue to be as brave as she is today.

  6. Sooooo sweet. I think she sounds pretty amazing, too. :-) ~JudyK

  7. We never see ourselves as others see us. How lucky she is to know how you see her. Perhaps that will alter the way she sees herself. Have fun being a softball mom!

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