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Choice in Writing During Pandemic Teaching

How am I going to do this? For the first three days of online learning, I was pretty direct in my assignments. I gave the kids some things to do and a place to turn in their responses.  It felt artificial. It was nothing like the kind of learning we do when we are face to face in school.  Choice is the foundation of our reading and writing workshop. I couldn't and didn't want to give it up when we moved into online learning. So, I needed to figure out how to create that kind of space virtually. Thank goodness for all those folks sharing their ideas on Twitter. There are so many examples of choice boards with so many good ideas. I was looking for something specific for writing and couldn't wrap my head around what I wanted to do. Do you know that feeling? You have an idea and articulating that idea is just beyond your grasp? When I saw Pernille Ripp's post , I knew I had found what I was looking for. Nuts and Bolts However, I also knew I needed to tweak it.

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