A Natural SOLC #4/31

I am joining Two Writing Teachers for the March Slice of Life Challenge

"Hey Julie, I want to try out for softball tonight after school."

She caught me by surprise with her text.  I was in the middle of a reading group and a million thoughts bounced around inside my head.

Has she ever played softball before?  I didn't think so.
We don't even own a softball mitt.  What will she use?
She has an appointment after school?  Is it ok to miss it?
What is she wearing today? Does she have the right clothes?
Softball would be so good for her.  It would be good for her to join a team and be able to meet some people at her new school.

I texted her back, "We don't have any equipment for you."

"It's ok, my friend said I could borrow some of her stuff."

I finished up groups and ran home to get shoes and shorts and a t-shirt for her.  I was excited for her and a little envious.  I would never be brave enough to try out for a sport that I had never played before.

She came home so happy!  My heart was filled to the brim... this is what we have been wanting for her.  The next day, she and Keith went out to get proper equipment so she could finish tryouts.  I assumed she would be on the Flex team, the team for girls who haven't played before.  It wasn't a big deal to me...I was just happy she had found something that made her happy.

Imagine my surprise (and I shouldn't have been surprised) when I got home Friday night to find out she made the 7th grade team!  I think she was a little annoyed with me when I showed my surprise.  Apparently she's a natural. 

I am excited for the next few months.  I've never been a softball mom.  I guess I'll learn the ins and outs. 

She continues to amaze me.  She's strong and resilient and such a great young lady.  I can't wait to see what opportunities come next for her. 


  1. I like this one. What a great feeling. You are in for lots of fun! Congrats to your daughter!

  2. How exciting! I've never been a softball mom either, but I'm betting you'll have fun! :-) ~JudyK

  3. I love this post, I understand your elation. It's so amazing to see your child discover something new at every age.

  4. Ha! My son just did the same thing with baseball! What a fun time it will be to learn about being a softball/baseball mom!

  5. I am so looking forwards to the stories that will come with having my own child. I liked your writing style and the dialogue. It makes me want to reconsider my own slice.

  6. This slice made me cry. I agree with you. She is so brave to try out. I'm going to think of her the next time I have to do something that is new to me!


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