A New Tradition

I am joining Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  I appreciate this space for writers to tell their stories and connect with each other.

It never fails. I wake up on Friday morning and tell myself I will come home and cook dinner. Friday afternoon comes around and I decide that it should be pizza night. 

Destiny and I began the weekend with ice cream and then decided to take Pizza Night up a notch. Instead of going to the same place, we created “Try a New Pizza Place” Friday. A quick look at Yelp and we were ready. Tonight’s choice was yummy. It made me glad that I decided not to cook. 


  1. I think this sounds like a lovely tradition-- ice cream followed by pizza! Mmmmm!

  2. Okay, I feel like this slice is missing some information about the "Try a New Pizza Place" - where is it? what did you order? Eat in or dine out? These are things to review.

  3. Now that's a tradition I could endorse. I'm with Mandy, tell me more!

  4. You are a YELP master. I try to have the energy to cook on Friday, but I never do. I also struggle with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This is a problem for sure. Maybe I'll adopt "Try a new pizza place night."

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