Basically a Dad SOL #16/31

I am joining Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  I appreciate this space for writers to tell their stories and connect with each other.

"You've got to watch this," Keith said to me last night when I got home.

My heart melted as I listened to her words and watched her face as she said them.  You see, Destiny doesn't really share her feelings.  For the longest time, we just worked on helping her identify her feelings.  She's a tough nut to crack.  For her to say, "I want to show you someone special," is huge.  Saying he's "basically my dad" is even more huge.

Basically my dad...

Keith has shown her what a dad is.  He taught her how to ride a bike the first time she lived with us.  He is the one who reads to her every night before she goes to bed.  It's their thing.  He can throw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and tickle her while she laughs and wiggles around.  She learned how to make popcorn from him and now she's our popcorn maker on Family Movie Night.  She ends her day by picking a number and that's how many seconds he hugs her.  They count it out together and then it's lights out.  

Keith has been able to give her something she's never had: a strong male role model who sticks by even when things are tough.  She knows he's not going anywhere and that he will be here for her wherever and whenever she needs him.  


  1. What a big moment to witness--made even more awesome by capture on video. I can only imagine that your big hearts were filled to bursting! She is a lucky young lady to have you and your husband in her life.

  2. Thank you for sharing this very special moment. This absolutely is heart melting and such a special time to celebrate her bonding iwth her dad!

  3. Heart giving.....thanks for the share.

  4. Your stories just make my heart smile.

  5. This just warms my much goodness for Destiny and for Keith. I read lots of joy in this peace


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