Slice #18 of 31 Finding My Way Back

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I grew up in the Catholic church ~ Catholic school through 8th grade, Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.  My faith is deep.  My participation in church for the last several years has been lax to say the least.  There are many reasons I haven't gone, most of them are not very good ones.  I'm finding my way back though.  

I went on Sunday to hear my dear friend Joyce sing Spirit Fall Down. Her rich voice, backed by the choir,  flowed like honey, mesmerizing the congregants and awakening something in me that I thought I had lost.  Tears streamed down my face.  The tumultuous thoughts running through my mind calmed, I melted into the pew, and gave in to the song. I didn't care who saw me.  I was back. 

The lyrics brought forth this train of thought...

Spirit Fall Down

We're all gathered here. In your presence Lord.
With our arms open wide 
With lifted hands and with open hearts 
We want you to be our guide!

 I'm tired and broken.

Oh Lord, we need your spirit, 
Your holy spirit, right now. 
Oh Lord, we need your spirit, 
To be a witness, for you 

I need you.

We won't do nothing, until you come, dear Lord
Lord we are so unworthy to even call on your name
So please please, please, please Lord hear our prayer!
And don't let our comin... be in vain! 

Guide me, change me.

Oh Lord, we need your spirit, 
Your holy spirit, right now. 
Oh Lord, give us, your Holy spirit,
To be a witness, for you 

I don't want to take this journey alone anymore.

Spirit, spirit, 
Fall fresh on me. 

Fill me, lead me, lift me up.

Fall down, 
Fall down, 
Fall fresh on me. Yeah!
I need you Lord.
Fall fresh on me

Strengthen me.  

Spirit, Spirit, of the living God hallelujah
I can't make it without You I need You
So I can walk right, so I can talk right spirit
Holy spirit, fall fresh on me

Bring me peace.

Holy spirit, holy spirit
I need you to abide in me
In everything I do, in everything I say Lord
I need you in my home
And even when I'm riding down
The dangerous highways I need You I need You

Take my hand.

Fall down, fall down
Fall fresh on me
Fall down, hallelujah, fall down
I need You Lord everyday
Spirit, spirit, I can't make it without You Lord
Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on me
I don't want my running to be in vain
I don't want my living to be in vain
I need You Lord, to lead me

I am yours.

~Luther Barnes

I left church feeling grounded and whole.  I think Joyce knew what I needed.  I don't think she knew the impact her singing would have on me.  Please watch the video below to hear this beautiful song.  I only wish I had a version of what I heard on Sunday.  It was what my soul needed.  


  1. Wow - thank you. This was an inspiring post. I haven't gone to church in two years and I am really missing it. Trouble finding the 'right' church is part of it. You have encouraged me to dive back into the hunt and not give up. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your post. God is so glad when we join to worship with others. We can be so enriched and be blessings to others as well. I am so glad you heard that song and felt a great deal of satisfaction in it. Another thing we have in common, Julie: Our faith! :)

  3. My faith has been shaky for the last few years after being strong for all the years before that. I'm so happy that the music spoke to you in such meaningful ways.

  4. It's a lovely tribute and connection to your friend and your values, Julie. I'm happy you shared the special time.

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful song and story. I can see how hearing your friend sing this would be a moving experience.

  6. I heard a soloist and a song last Sunday that reminded me of my youth and some special Godly moments. Your words, "awakening something in me that I thought I had lost" describe how I felt. Thank you for sharing your experience here.

  7. I have been writing my prayers during Lent, rather than simply saying them orally or mentally. This has been powerful as I respond to the scriptures and reading each day. Thank you for sharing this moving experience. I pray you continue to find your path.


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