#9 of 31 Slice of Life Thank you

I am happy to be participating in Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life March Challenge.  I will be posting every day in March.  My students are also participating and you can read their slices on the Classroom Challenge page.

Today's post is inspired by many:  Cathy's post about time, Tricia Eaton about how we write,  Suparna Kudesia whose topics strike a deep chord within me, and the photo below.  Thank you for the inspiration.

I write wearing a mask.

Creating the facade
that all is right;
Entrenched in safe territories.
Inside, the facade cracks,
threatening to
leak out onto the page
into territories not so safe.

There is more to write.
Is this the place?
Is it time?
Is it worth the risk?

I will admit that I'm really afraid to push that orange "publish" button right now.  I've been contemplating creating a new space for some of the writing that I want to do that is not about my classroom.  I guess it's time to do some exploration.    


  1. So glad you pushed the button. I love the quote and it is very true and meaningful. What better place than TWT to share yourself.

    1. Thank you Judy. I definitely took a risk with today's post.

  2. I am glad that you pushed the button, too, Julie - and I know what you mean about "not safe territories". I have a blog I keep for those entries - some show up eventually on my public blog, some never will. But - it gives me the opportunity to write...

    1. Thank you Tara. I've been playing with the idea of creating another space for more personal writing. Maybe spring break will give me the time to figure all of that out.

  3. I had the same feeling Friday when I wrote a piece about when my mother almost died. My students read my blog everyday and I couldn't put it there. I made the post private to come back to later or post to a new separate blog at another point.

  4. Julie, I am happy to see your new space, I had this same debate over my sacred school space. Your writing today has moved me and brought many things to the front of my mind. I know writing is soothing and just letting it all spill out helps to ease the soul and make sense of whats beyond our control no matter where you write.

  5. "I write wearing a mask." -- Love that! Thanks for sharing your wonderings today. When I created my The Lead Goose blog, I thought about whether to make it a personal or professional blog. I chose both. I am a teacher. That is a large part of who I am. I am a teacher, brother, son, friend and writer. I chose to let my life and writing - all of it - "leak out onto the page." Do you need to put parts of yourself into separate silos? I will keep wondering about this myself.

  6. I am glad you hit the button too! I am sure whatever space you decide on, your writing will grow and THAT is worth the risk!

  7. Julie, this is perfect! And really great timing for me. I actually messaged a couple of friends yesterday to see if my Girl Meets Boy story was ok to publish here. I'm don't have children, so no cute kid stories, and I'm not currently in the classroom. I'm glad to know that someone else was momentarily concerned (and from the responses here, we're not the only ones) and I'm glad you published!


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