#12 of 31 Slice of Life Open House

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting Slice of Life Challenge.

I'm sitting at school getting some work done.  Matt Kearney is playing on my Pandora station, which makes this dreary afternoon a little more palatable.  I love being at school after everyone has gone home (or early before everyone comes in) because it gives me time to slow down and reflect.  

It's been a busy week.  I know, all weeks are busy, aren't they?  Spring gave us a little tease yesterday, only to be overshadowed by winter today.  Yesterday also gave us some time to celebrate all the great work going on in our upper grades.  We invited parents to an Open House to see the work their kids are doing.  The thing I LOVED most about last night was that it was all about the kids. They planned it, they created the activities, and then they showed off their hard work in the evening.  I sat back and watched the magic happen.  It was wonderful!

My students wanted parents to do a little work.  Our stations included:
  • Completing a poem from the Poetry Box Project
  • Writing a Slice of Life story
  • Adding to our Did You Know Thursday graffiti board (A Thursday tradition where we share interesting facts from the nonfiction we are reading)
  • Learning how to do division with an open array
  • Learning about the Revolutionary War and how it affected Ohio
  • Checking out our reading notebooks
  • Sharing our Google 20% projects

The kids were so very proud of themselves and the parents enjoyed seeing their children shine!


  1. This sounds like a wonderful evening, Julie. Such a great idea to let the children decide what to showcase...and what their parents can work on. Nice!

  2. Giving kids the responsibility and they deliver!

  3. Great evening developing leaders!

  4. I love that I'm not the only one who likes to be at school early or stay late when others leave, and it's quiet! The Open House sounds neat! I love that one of the activities is a Slice of Life story!

  5. I can feel myself in my room, a lll alone reflecting- sounds like heaven!

  6. Your open house DOES sound great! We just got done with our Black History Month "wax museum" where students dressed up as a character and when visitors (parents, other teachers, community members, fellow students) walked up to the student, he/she would start talking in first person about their life and why they are an important part of history. It was a blast!

  7. I used to do this in the fall, and the students loved crafting the work they wanted their parents to do. I love the ideas, Julie, sounds like such a successful and happy night!

  8. Julie, this is fantastic! So nice to stay late and reflect quietly when you have such nice things to reflect on. I can't wait to share this with the teachers I work with.


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