#27 of 31 Slice of Life Stuck

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life Writing Challenge.

I'm stuck and I don't know what to write about.  I've been sitting here, ideas tumbling through my mind, and nothing strikes me as rich Slice material.

Should I write about sharing my sisters' and my photo for #throwbackthursday?  I have a lot of material here at my mom's house.  We've gotten quite a few comments, lots of LOLs,  and I'm pretty sure my sister's husband is in some hot water for a few of his FB comments. (Don't you love the hair?)

Or, as I started working on my National Board renewal, I realized how much the Columbus Area Writing Project has impacted my life both professionally and personally.  I could write about that.

Then there's the lake.  I drove to Cleveland today to visit my sister. I wanted to see Lake Erie frozen over.  My sister and I enjoyed ourselves as we spent some time there this afternoon.  I thought about writing a poem about growing up around the lake from swimming there as a little girl, strolling in the moonlight, slathering sunscreen on my babies, dreaming of the future.

Or, I could write about sitting in the car with my sister bawling our eyes out as we watched this video.  But I didn't really want to write a sad post tonight.

One more thought...Scooter's Dawg House was hopping tonight.  We like to go there after we've been to the lake.  The place exudes stories from their license plate-lined walls, long lines of hot dog enthusiasts, and the HUGE order of french fries that could feed the entire town of Mentor.  Scott, the owner,  greets each customer like they're old friends, and I bet some of them are.

Lots of nuggets, not sure where to go with them.  So, instead, I captured these fleeting thoughts, pulled them together, and voila ~ a Slice of Life post.  


  1. Your thoughts took me on a sweet trip...and ended making me hungry for those fries and a hot dog! Nice picture of the Lake. Lots of good memories of growing up there. All in all...great post...I liked the trip. Jackie

  2. This post is so realistic. There are just so many things swirling in our heads at once, sometimes it's hard to pin down just one thing to focus on.

  3. Loved this post, Julie - snippets of your life.And those fries look awesome!

  4. I enjoyed every bit, & it's great that you're having such a good week, Julie! Those fries look yummy!


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