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It's a quick post tonight because I still need to place my order for classroom supplies for next year.  I've only known about it for a month and it's due tomorrow.  Ahh...I am the queen of procrastination and I never learn.

Molly, my oldest arrived home this afternoon.  She is our car girl.  Whenever we have family get togethers, she does not sit with the women and chit chat.  No, she can be found downstairs with the men, talking about cars with her grandfather and uncles.

Guess where she is tonight?  She's out in the garage helping her dad change the brake pads on his car.  I wouldn't know a brake pad if I saw one.  I'm so glad she has this connection with her dad.  It not only brings them closer, but she can fix about anything on a car that needs to be fixed.  It's pretty amazing.  She's a very versatile young woman!

Now, I'm off to order whatever it is that needs to be ordered.  I don't want to miss that deadline.


  1. Way to go Molly! It is a wise young woman who takes every opportunity to learn.

  2. I enjoyed your quick post because I could immediately relate! When I place my school supply order, I take forever and draw it out...then, finally, the last day, I turn it in! Hope you get all you need and want!

  3. I sure wish I would have learned more about working on a car. It would come in handy for those little things...like changing brake pads.

  4. Molly is smart...wish I would have paid a bit more attention to my father when he was working on the car. Hope you get your supply list in...and it isn't really procrastinating...how could you be sure that there was a last minute item that did not get on the list...you just had to wait until you had all the stragglers in. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  5. Good for Molly! These are the times that memories are made. As for procrastination, I can so relate. Have fun "shopping!" (Sometimes a positive spin on something that may not be so much fun can help.)

  6. Here's another cheer for Molly - I wouldn't know a brake pad from a notepad, so I am impressed!

  7. So glad I'm not the only one this week whose procrastination means shorter posts. I am truly jealous of Molly. I could always bowl with my father, but I do wish I knew more about cars. Like you, I couldn't identify a brake pad. And I always go to the auto shop feeling defensive and waiting to be cheated.


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