#26 of 31 Slice of Life: Becoming the Happiest Girl in the World

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life challenge.

"Mom, if you have jeans that fit your butt, you will be the happiest girl in the world."  Those are the words my 19 year-old Annie told me the other day.  You see, she is a "Fittologist" at Old Navy.  She wears a special apron with her title emblazoned on the front, helping those wayward, unhappy females find the jeans that fit just right.

So, now I know that must be the reason for my general malaise.  It has nothing to do with OTES, data collection, over testing kids, selling my house, etc. etc. etc.  My problem is that my jeans are saggy.  They don't fit my butt just right.

Since I was leaving for Spring Break, I decided that what I needed to make my trip to Brimfield ever so perfect, was a new pair of jeans.  I was going on Spring Break, didn't I deserve to be happy while I was there basking in the snow covered hills along Route 43?   What I needed was a new pair of jeans.

My personal fittologist and I headed out for the mall Sunday afternoon.  I knew there was nothing to worry about.  I had an expert with me.  No more "mom jeans" for me.  I was going for the gold.

I tried on jeans.
I sat on the bench so Annie could check for a "gap."
I tried on more jeans.
Annie brought back a different pair to try on.
Curvy fit
Straight fit
Boot cut
Slimming in the tummy
Who knew there were so many different kind of jeans to try on?
Annie's idea of a joke...

Well, 4 stores and 20 pairs of jeans later, my weary shopping partner and I found what we both deemed to be the perfect jeans.  They fit my butt, there is no gap, and they feel good when I put them on.  Unfortunately, I don't look like that young, slim, 20 year-old I used to be.  I still look like a mom.  But my jeans don't bag!

This morning, I put on my new jeans and I have to say that I do feel pretty happy.  I don't know if it's really because they fit my butt well.  I think it has more to do with the memories of shopping with Annie.

The lesson here?   If you are feeling a general sense of sadness, check out your jeans.  What you really might need is a new pair that fits your butt just right.  Ask Annie.

I am in love with Pharrell Williams' "Happy."  I'm especially in love with this version.  Hope it brings you a little happiness.


  1. great slice and your daughter is so right about the perfect jeans. and...I love that video you posted!

  2. So glad you were with your daughter...that sounds like a good time. Trying on all of those jeans....well...not fun...but at least you found a pair...and now you are happy! Thanks for the uplifting You Tube. Jackie

  3. Now I know what I have been missing!! A good fittologist.

  4. WELL now I am happy after watching that adorable video and reading about your mother and daughter shopping adventure. In the interest of full disclosure I am currently wearing my workout glorified sweatpants. They do fit my butt but not in a good way. Thank you for this slice of happiness!

  5. Well, this was great fun to read...especially since it has a happy ending. My daughters are forever after me about mom jeans...some day. Also - who knew about these fitologists?! That's what I need!

  6. Great advice from a 19 year old. Takes me back to the days of advising my mom as a teenager and her going along with it- although I wasn't an official Fittologist! Great slice!

  7. Do they make fitologists for bathing suits too? I hate that worse than jean shopping! I am sitting in my hotel room in Columbus right now! I wish we could have connected too! I hope you are enjoying your break and your Kool-aid! :)

    1. That is too funny! I need one for bathing suits too. We could probably put Annie on that one. :)

  8. Glad you found some new jeans AND got to spend time with Annie! A perfect fit!

  9. Julie,
    This made me laugh. Who knew the only thing we really need is jeans that fit our butts. Nice that you have your own personal fitologist to help. By the way, loved the structure of this piece. By starting with your point, weaving a little story, and then coming back to your point, the story's point was clear. Of course, the humor sprinkled throughout was fun too.


  10. This is so funny! I do think a good pair of jeans makes a difference. A few years ago my friend suggested my jeans problem was where I was shopping. I told her I'd spend anything (within reason) to find a new pair of jeans. She took me to the most expensive mall and we went to all of the high end stores. After about 3 stores and all of their jeans, she was laughing at the ridiculous fit of each pair. By the fifth store, nothing was funny anymore. Neither of us really enjoyed it, but she did agree the regular old levis were the best for me. I guess she wasn't an official fittologist. Btw, I find that dancing around to Happy in any of my jeans makes my butt look better. :)

  11. I admire your fortitude in going to so many stores and trying on so many pairs of jeans. I probably would have quit long before finding the right pair. You are lucky to have had a shopping partner to keep you going.

  12. Way to go Julie shopping persistence and perserverence are the foundations of happiness! Congratulations on the first steps of your journey! I wish you continued trips with the goal of good butt jeans!


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