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Friday, March 15, 2013

Words Overheard SOLC 2013 15 of 31

Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge.

This week I heard...

"I went to this Orff conference.  I think I want to teach elementary."

"I can't do this yet Mrs. Johnson."

"Only 4 more days until we find out if its a boy or a girl."

"Turning 30 is nothing."

"Don't read Wonder when we are aren't here."

"Hey, aren't humans made up of liquids and solids?  AND gas too?"

"How do you do this?  There are kids everywhere doing different things."

"I need you to recommend a book for me."

"We made it to the district challenge!"

"The best thing about doing Slice of Life is that my parents keep my little brother away from me while I write."

"Mom, just close your eyes and pretend it's Downton Abbey."

"We are kvelling."

"It's the most perfect love there is."

So many stories swirl around us.  What have you heard?


  1. "Really?"
    "Is it Friday yet?"
    "How many days until Spring Break?"
    (at lunch with teachers)

  2. I love all these snapshots of life that you overheard. So fun!

  3. Snippets of conversations - so many stories is right! I love this!

  4. I love the little bits of conversation! Listening to classroom chatter is so fun!


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