All Grown Up

Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge.

Two of my three children are home.  Each has a couch, each is snuggled under a blanket, empty Graeter's cartons sit on the coffee table as they watch a movie.  They Skyped with Annie, who is in Turkey, late yesterday.  My husband and I love to watch them be friends and enjoy each other's company.

I remember when they were little and they fought so much I thought I'd go crazy.  I couldn't imagine them ever being friends, although I hoped they would.  Now that they're grown up, they couldn't be closer.  Many plans are made that don't include Keith and me.  

This picture hangs on our refrigerator.  I love Molly's expression as she looks down on Annie.  I'm sure she's wondering what this new little person is going to do to her life.  Zach is oblivious, although he spent the first month of her life in timeout because he kept walking up to her bassinet and hitting her on the head while he yelled, "Pow!!"

18 years have gone by since this picture was taken.  It's been quite a journey with lots of twists and turns, but oh, so worth the trip.


  1. I'm glad to hear that your kids are friends now. My girls at 16 & 14 can't breathe the same air without snippy comments. Now I have hope - thank you!

  2. So great that your kids enjoy each other so much! Love the expression on your daughter's face!

  3. Julie,
    I love the photo and your reflections. This is a wonderful realization. I too wished for the same with our children and they are on their way. And oh how I wished my siblings lived closer for we are the best of friends! ~ Theresa

  4. Such a fun post. " I remember when they were little and they fought so much I thought I'd go crazy."
    I can identify with your feelings. I looked with envy at parents who could sit together during church. We always had to sit between our two to keep the peace.

  5. The more I read in your posts, the more I am amazed at how much you and I have in common! I too teach first grade in Ohio, I have two freshmen in college who fought like crazy but now truly miss each other while they're apart. Since it's just my husband and i at home now, I also have been relying on frozen or take out food. Coming home early to cook a "real" meal is a treat and much appreciated by my hubby. I'm just starting out in the blogging world and I'm looking forward to following yours.
    Loved your article on Choice Literacy about family history projects. Were you able to get all the IPods and cameras back in good shape? I worry about that!
    Meenal Parikh
    North Olmsted, Ohio

    1. Meenal,
      Thanks for stopping by. We do have a lot in common. My family is from the Akron/Cleveland area. I just went and read your blog. I love the format and I'm looking forward to reading more. Yes, we did get all the iPods and cameras back with no problem. It was a wonderful project. :)


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