The Dances of my Life SOLC2013 #23 of 31

Life is not about getting through the storms, but about dancing in the rain.
Bunny Armstrong 

I did not start out to write a poem tonight.  Today is my 28th wedding anniversary and I was going to write about how we spent the day.  Then I started to think about the picture my husband posted on FB this morning of our first dance.  I couldn't get dancing out of my mind as I thought about my different dance partners and the lessons I learned.  Another poem was born.

Dancing Through My Life

As a little girl, I loved to dance.
I twirled in my pretend toe shoes
And step-ball-changed across my “stage.”
My imaginary audience applauded,
Urging me on.

Dancing flits through my memory…

Standing on my dad’s shoes
Safe in his arms as he
Spins me around the living room
Collapsing in laughter
And begging for more.

Cuttin’ the rug
To the big band
With Uncle Jack,
My second dad.

Growing up…

Awkward slow dances
Eighth graders
Trying to figure it all out
Stepping on toes
Keeping a respectable
Catholic school distance.

High school girls
Bumping hips
Too shy to dance with
The boys.
Hoping to dance with
The boys.

Disco fever
Thunders in
Harsh beats reverberate
Through the room
My heart
Then screams,
Stayin’ Alive
a new dance partner.

Young love
Sways back and forth
In a
Locked embrace
Losing myself
In dreams
Not to be.

One, two, three
One, two, three
Learning a new dance
Unsure of the next steps
And where they lead
Afraid to dance alone
A hand reaches out
For me
When I fall behind
Always ready to catch me
Again and again,
Time after time.

Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting The Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your husband-he still inspires you to live and love. Happy Anniversary!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to the parts of you connected by movement!

    Congratulations on this 28 year dance and all the ones before who made you who you are.

    And thank you for sharing this slice of your life today.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love how the dances, music and partners changed as you grew up.

  4. Interesting how the dances change across our lifetimes. You took me back with the reference to "the bump." What about "the hustle"? I loved your ending. So glad you found the perfect hand to always be there for you. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Cathy, that hustle was in my disco days. :) Chris, this is your favorite because you know all the stories behind the dances. :)

  6. Hey! It's my anniversary today too! Thanks to our husbands who have danced us through time. Happy Anniversary.

  7. This is beautiful! I remember a babysitter (Patty Alaniva) teaching us the twist when we were little girls, then gunne sax dresses and slow dances in middle and high school, then Saturday Night Fever coming out when I was in college. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have had a terrific dance-filled anniversary weekend!


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