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Graduation Day in 1984
This may sound a little odd to some, but I love going to school.  I have great memories of going to Kent State University in the early 80s:  moving into Engleman Hall, walking up the big hill to get to class, scooting across the street to White Hall where all of my education classes were, later living at the Mayton House with 10 other girls, and hanging out with friends.  When I graduated in 1984, I knew that eventually I'd want to get my doctorate. Here's the secret though.  I didn't think my dream would ever happen.

If you read this blog, you know that I am, indeed, enrolled in graduate school at OSU.  It felt official
when I went to campus this morning and got my student ID.  I was so excited!  I don't know if it was the beautiful sunny day, or walking around campus among all of the other students, but today, I felt like I belonged.  I am really going to do this!

BuckID in hand,  I wanted go go buy OSU know, the hoodie and t-shirt with OSU emblazoned across the front.  I even made my niece take a picture of me with Brutus.  What's funny is
Brutus and Me Today
that I've never been an OSU fan (I probably shouldn't admit that on a public forum such as this).  It has nothing to do with OSU.  I'm just not really into following sports teams, no matter where they are from. For some reason though, I wanted my picture with Brutus.

I know that the next few years will be challenging.  But for now, I am eager for this next phase in my life.  I'm not sure where this journey will take me.  I do know that it's going to introduce me to to new and interesting people, places and ideas.  I am ready!  Who knows, I might even become an Buckeye fan.

Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting Slice of Life Challenge.  You can read other slices at their site.


  1. BRAVO! I too am a life-long learner but I am good with just a bit of new learning... I think the doctorate is not in my future, but wow, that's a wonderful challenge you have untaken

  2. Good for you, following your dream. Your next few years will be so busy, but it sounds like you are prepared for the hard work.

  3. Wonderful!!! You will continue to your next step in your education. I graduated from OSU...but have not followed sport that much...even though it was difficult while living in Columbus. I do root for OSU and have actually taken my husband to a football game. Have a great experience at OSU.

  4. Congratulations! I love going to school, too, but finishing my 6th year sapped all my energy. No PhD for me. Good luck! I look forward to reading about your journey.

  5. Oh Julie,
    I am so excited for you! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures you shared too! I bet you will become a buckeye fan! What will your program be?

  6. Exciting to read about dreams coming true! I love school, too!

  7. I congratulate you on the status of a student. You have come a long way and deserve bright emotions in your student years. I wish you a maximum of this time.


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