Symphony in the Sky Day 14 of 31

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Symphony in the Sky

It begins as a quiet whisper
As dawn lazily
Saunters in.
The early morning
Beckons me
To begin the new day.


  1. The symphony of sounds was richer thanks to the video you posted. What a lovely poem to read to start my day! Simple. Elegant. Moving.

  2. I love that 'quiet whisper'-beautiful image, & so true.

  3. I love that your poem focuses on sounds! We so often go to what we can SEE first. Thank you. I'm looking for some inspiration this morning! This helped.

  4. Wonderful word choices...saunters, beckons, and morning melody.

  5. Beautiful! I love listening to the sounds of nature.

  6. Beautiful! I love listening to the sounds of nature.

  7. I love the line about dawn sauntering in, Julie - that's the sign of a good day.

  8. You captured a great moment of how beautiful days begin!

  9. Julie, this is a lovely poem to beckon me to stop and listen. Consider offering this as a spring poem for my soon-to-be announced spring gallery. Try embedding it on a beautiful spring scene. Would love to add it to a spring collection.


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