Friends Bring Sunshine Day 31 of 31

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the March Slice of Life Challenge.  Please visit their site to read and comment on other slices.  This is the last day of the challenge.  It's been so good to get back into the habit of writing every day.

Today was a day that was made brighter by friends.

My school day ended with a friend responding to my frantic text and meeting me for coffee after school.  She listened, asked questions, threw out options and asked more questions.  I left after our chat feeling a little more hopeful and optimistic about some decisions I have to make.  Thank you Cathy!

Earlier my school day was brightened by another friend. But first, a little of the back story...

We were greeted at school on Monday morning with this amazing lemon pie.  I remembered Cheryl's Facebook post from the week before and knew right away who had brought in this wonderful dessert.  I took a sliver and deemed it a must have dessert for Easter Sunday.

When I got to Cheryl's room to tell her how much I liked the pie, I told her I was going to make it for Easter.
"You have to have Arizona lemons to make it," she told me.
"You're kidding, right?"
"No, my friend made it with regular lemons from the grocery store and the pie was bitter."

Well, darn.  I was pretty sure my principal wasn't going to let me take a few days off to fly to Arizona so I could get myself some Arizona lemons.   Maybe Meyer lemons would work.  I wasn't going to give up quite so easily.

Lucky for me, as Cheryl passed me in the hall today, she whispered, "I have a surprise for you on your desk."  I was hoping it might be one of those Arizona lemons.  

I quickly went back to my office and found not one, but two beautiful, round yellow orbs that looked more like yellow oranges than lemons.  They were huge and they smelled heavenly.  I was a happy girl!  A new fruit, a new recipe, what more could a girl want?  (Well, at least a girl like me).

So, my family will be eating Arizona Sunshine Pie for Easter Sunday, thanks to Cheryl and the Arizona sunshine.  I can't wait to share this little bit of heaven with them.  

Thank you Cheryl!

Now, I will be on the lookout for ways to pay the sunshine forward.  :)


  1. Julie,
    I know you'd do the same. Besides, you know I like tossing around new possibilities with you. That's how we get into trouble.

    As for Cheryl and these lemons, I had to idea. Oh, this baking stuff is hard. I guess the next time my dad drives to Arizona I should have him bring back some lemons. You have started my summer craving for lemon desserts. Yum!


  2. How wonderful! Don't you love surprises like that?! When friends go the extra mile to do someting nice, it just makes your day. :-)

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