Missing the Lost Hour

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The kids were dragging 
The teachers were dragging
Not a good combination
Springing ahead
Makes us all tired
I love the lighter evenings
But, right now, I'm missing my hour.
Good night.


  1. Me too! Today seemed to drag on forever.

  2. :) Just the way I was feeling today, too.

  3. :) Just the way I was feeling today, too.

  4. Yes and yes. Funny how the phrase "springing ahead" or "springing forward" imply such energy... yet the first day or two w/o that hour feel a bit lacking in the energy department.

  5. Me too! I wrote about this as well!

  6. I tried not to miss the hour, but by 9 tonight it was very clear that crankiness is associated with that hour-you're spot on!


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