Backyard Perfection Day 16 of 31

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I am not in love with my new house.  Friends assure me that it's normal to feel that way at first.  Although after living here for almost 6 months, I thought it would be better.  I don't feel settled because I look around and think about what I want to change.  We've developed quite a list of what we'd like to do to make the house ours.  

Sometimes my husband and I play with the idea of fixing up a few things and selling it.  We bought it so quickly.  Did we make a mistake?  We go back and forth every week.

However, each time I step outside to the back yard, I feel hope.  It's this space that made me want to buy the  house.  

It's serene.  

It's beautiful.  

It's ours.

And when I'm out there, I stop and see the potential and think maybe this is where we're meant to be.  
This creek runs at the end of our property.


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