So Many Slices Day 12 of 31

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life March challenge where writers have pledged to write each day of March.  Please visit their site to read other slices and leave some comment love.

Tonight is one of those nights where I could easily crawl into bed and skip Slice of Life. I'm not much good after 8:00.  Get home at 9:00?  It's REALLY hard to get anything accomplished.  So how do I begin a Slice of Life post when I'm ready to crawl into bed, burrow under the covers and read my book?

Well...I crawl into bed, burrow under the covers and grab my laptop for a quick slice of life story.

My evening ended with a slice (which I'll have to enjoy tomorrow).

But there were so many other wonderful slices that happened today...

  • Meeting with a parent this morning and sharing how much her son has progressed in the last two months
  • Talking to the new teacher I'm mentoring and listening while she shares how her community of writers has become even closer as they share writing slice of life stories each day (Her first graders gave me the idea to make a list tonight.  Thank you Mrs. Cochran's class).
  • Watching the special bond between a  first grade student and her teacher read a book together and L says to Mrs. Miller, "Be careful, you're about to lose control," as they laughed out loud about Peaches the Pig trying to fly with the ducks
  • Stopping by a first grade classroom and seeing some amazing thinking going on as the students found evidence to support their ideas.
  • Working with our first grade reading intervention teacher as we changed schedules to do what's best for kids
  • My principal who trusts and supports us in making these moves
  • Meeting with a friend and colleague to talk about a summer writing project
  • Going out to dinner with my daughter and the ultimate comfort food restaurant (Der Dutchman)...broasted chicken, mashed potatoes and noodles etc., etc., etc.
  • Which ended with the slice that I mentioned above.  Notice the carry out box...the pie will have to wait for tomorrow.  :)
Coconut Cream Pie from Der Dutchman (my favorite)


  1. From slice (of pie) to slice (of writing)...sounds like the day was fabulous. Having taught first grade for years, I love hearing about your first grader stories. So, needless to say, I hung on your every word (or bullet)!

  2. Good work committing to sharing even when you are not truly up for the task! I also hope you enjoy your early observance of Pi day, it looks yummy.

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