International Dining Night

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"We should have an International Dining Club," I said in passing to a group of friends several months ago.  We all share a love of good food and we're all pretty adventuresome when it comes to eating out.  (Well, most of us are).  So, once a month, we meet to try something new and catch up with each other.  We've had Turkish, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Greek, and Mexican.  If we go to a restaurant that has familiar food, then we order something we've never tried before (think cactus tacos).  Tonight was a new Chinese place.  Thank goodness for Yelp!  The food was delicious and the company was fabulous.  Our conversation continues long after our food is gone.  It's a night that we all treasure.


  1. I'd love that but maybe not for a few weeks after a week of gorging at the beach... yikes... good to purge now :)
    Bonnie K.

  2. Any excuse to get together with great friends.

  3. Any excuse to get together with great friends.

  4. Relieved that your international dining night occurs as a night out, not a night in. Such a treat to be out with friends, no one has to cook, and no one need clean up. Just a night to treasure!

  5. Fabulous tradition. Good food, good conversation - perfect.

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