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After being on the road for a splendid spring break trip, we are home safe and sound.  Yes, the mess of the partially finished hardwood floors is still here.  There is a miter saw in the kitchen where the table usually sits and dust covers everything.  But, I am so grateful to be home.
It's here that...

  • I have two kids who I love watching grow into adults.  They are good friends who are there for each other (that is as long as Zach hasn't eaten all the food that Annie was planning on eating).
  • I have a husband who I celebrated 31 years of marriage with last week.  When we were first married we wondered what it might be like when we got to this point.  Would we be bored?  Hah!  I'm glad to say that each day brings something new.  (Right now...it's a little remodel of the house).  We laugh together every day.
  • I have a daughter, who although she lives far away, has grown into a young woman that continues to amaze me.  We are so proud of her!
  • Three puppies were so glad to see us come home!  What a greeting!  And now they are camped out with us, conked out for the night.  (Yes, that's the suitcase that still needs to be unpacked in the background).

I am feeling very blessed tonight for this very good life that I have.  Knowing that my family is healthy and happy is all that I need.  


  1. Sounds like a whole lot of love in your post, Julie, and so much to be thankful for. Love that cuddley pile of pups and blankets. Happy Easter & welcome home.

  2. Lots and lots of happy in this post! Lovely all around. And pretty cute - those dogs!

  3. The unpacking will come and the house remolded all in due time, Julie. For the meantime, enjoy the coziness of home.

  4. You have a wonderful family, always important that everyone in your party. Wish your family stay happy

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