Light #haikuforhealing

When I pulled into the driveway tonight, the lights from the Christmas tree brought a sense of peace.  (However, if you walked into my house, you'd notice that this serene scene is a bit misleading as the rest of the house looks like a tornado ran through.)

Thank you Mary Lee Hahn for the #haikuforhealing challenge.


  1. We have to take the moments of peace where we find them, right? (I guess that's part of the point behind #haikuforhealing -- the focus on small moments to give our hearts and minds a break from the scary big picture...)

  2. Light beckons. Let's all look for that light this season. Thanks.

  3. Hi, Julie--I spent a long time reading deep into your blog, so touched by the story of your "new" girls. The tree lights are like magic to me. Thank you and welcome.

  4. Julie, I love the last line...relishing peace.

  5. When I have free time, I love to post haikus for language line reviews. It's sort of a stress relieving activity for me.


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