I am linking  a day late to Margaret Simon's DigiLit Sunday and Mary Lee Hahn's #haikuforhealing. Michelle is curating the haikus.   Funny thing, I created the Haiku Deck last night with the intention of embedding it into my blog after we got our girl to bed.  Well, as often happens to best laid plans, she couldn't go to sleep, so I laid down with her and we listened to two rounds of my sleep meditation app.  Guess who fell asleep first?

As I mentioned in earlier posts, our family makeup changed in October.  The days have been stressful as we deal with issues we've not dealt with before, but they've also been full of joy.  When talking to a friend, I likened our new situation to Glennon Doyle's "brutiful," both brutal and beautiful.

There is so much to be grateful for during this time.  We have two girls who are thriving.  It's so rewarding to watch them settle in, relax, and feel safe.  Our grown children, extended family and friends are willing to help us out whenever we need them.  "It takes a village," has never been truer and I am so appreciative.  With the Christmas season upon us, it's very fun to have young children in the house again. Their presence invites us to slow down and relish the joy.

And yes, that sweet little girl pictured below is the same one who couldn't sleep last night.  :)

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  1. Julie, I traveled back in time to find out who the child is in the photo. How wonderful that you have brought her into your family's life. When I unveil my Autumnventure Gallery, I will announce the winter one that happens to be titled Winter Wonder. I would say that this is a winter wonder.

  2. Oh, Julie, I love how you are embracing this new challenge. You are doing good work and making these girls feel loved and cared for. Thanks for linking up, any day will do.

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  5. Raising kids is such a challenge! They are so funny when they are small but yet acting like grown-ups. My little girl tried to help me write my dissertation, but she fell asleep in the middle of the work :)

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