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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hope #haikuforhealing

I don't usually participate in poetry posts. Today, though, I was reminded of Mary Lee Hahn's post when I read Margaret Simon's December Haiku post. The last two months have been a struggle and I've reacted by closing into my shell and silencing my writing. I know better. Writing is healing for me. I decided to take a leap and join the December Haiku Writing challenge. Credit for the photo goes to my 7 year old foster daughter who enjoys taking pictures with my phone. #haikuforhealing  

Searching for solace
                                                            Hope tentatively  blossoms 
                                                            Within my being 


  1. I'm so glad you have joined in. I think these small haiku are a wonderful way for us to express our creativity, our hearts, and our souls. Hope will bloom from our words.

  2. LOVE everything about this post!!

  3. Thanks for joining in, Julie. It makes me happy to be writing alongside you this month!

  4. Hmm. I love how you took Margaret's line. Perfectly heartwarming.

  5. Hope is where we go when we need solace and peace.

  6. I thought that poetry is something different. I've passed poetry courses and this looks very interesting to me. I will try to follow your style.

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