Slice of Life Tuesday...A Full House

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Our house, once filled with noise and clutter is now quiet and less cluttered.  I miss the confusion of having a house full of kids.  There was a time in the midst of changing diapers, doing endless loads of laundry and cleaning up the same messes over and over again, that I thought I would never have time to myself again.  And in a blink of an eye, that time is here.  Don't misunderstand.  I enjoy this season of my life, but I didn't know the first part was going to go by so quickly.

I was feeling very nostalgic on Saturday, and a little sad that Zach couldn't join us for Easter weekend.  We had seen him on Tuesday at his concert and delivered an Easter basket filled with fresh fruits and veggies and other goodies...all the  stuff that a poor, vegetarian college student can't afford.  Still, I was hoping that he would change his mind and come home.

I sent him a little text with a little bribe.

And went on with my day, knowing that he probably couldn't get away.

Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang on Saturday night at 8:30.

"Are you expecting someone?" I called out to my husband.
I rounded the corner, not sure who I would see.
It was my boy!
"Zach's home!"  I reached up to give him a great big hug.
His sisters rushed him, jumping all over him.  I was in heaven! All 3 kids were  home for Easter.

My house was full.  My heart was full.  All was good.


  1. Nothing like it - having them all back under one roof again. even if just for a little bit. That's what it was like here, too!

  2. So happy for you, friend. Your house filled again!

  3. You should put a view of you'r backyard and you'r house. I bet it is be pretty more than pretty!

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