Slice of Life and a Pizza

Now that the Slice of Life Challenge is over, it's back to Tuesday slicing. Thank you so much to the Two Writing Teachers for hosting.

Tonight was one of those nights.  I don't have them very often, but when I do, I'm tired and starving when I arrive home.  I had 3 commitments after school, so it was about 7:00 when I headed home. I had told Keith that I would get something and not to save dinner for me.  I was now regretting that conversation.  I decided against going through the drive-thru, just wanting to get home.

As I got closer to home, I considered what I might have.

Do we have bread?  Yep, I think we do.  I could have grilled cheese. 
Or, even quicker, I could just have cheese and crackers.
Hmm..maybe I should eat veggies and hummus.  That would be healthier.
I could eat oatmeal.  No, I probably shouldn't have carbs for dinner.
Ok...I'll just do grilled cheese.  I know, it's carbs, but it will be quick and easy.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to the most amazing aroma.

Keith called out to me, "It's your lucky day.  Annie made pizza."

Pizza?  Yum!!  Forget what I said about carbs.

"It's zucchini pizza."

I peeked around into the kitchen and saw hot, cheesy pizza on the stove.  The crust, made out of zucchini, boasted no carbs at all.

From Food and the City

I grabbed a plate, scooped up 2 pieces of pizza and sat down to enjoy every single bite.

It was definitely my lucky day...

  • Dinner was made when I got home.
  • They saved me leftovers.
  • It was absolutely delicious.
  • I didn't have to clean up the kitchen.
  • AND, we went out for ice cream afterwards.  (I decided the carbs didn't matter after all).
If you want to try this amazingly scrumptious pizza, check out the recipe here.


  1. Officially jealous...again. I had a bowl of cereal.

    1. Tara, You need to come to my house after school. :)

  2. Wow- that really is a lucky day! Dinner made, and healthy dinner, to boot.

  3. Totally jealous. I had a cookie. One cookie. Love the inner dialogue about what you could make. I can totally relate to that!

  4. PERFECT!!!!! Seal this memory, my friend!

  5. Wow-what a wonderful end to a long, long day, Julie. Hope today is shorter!


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