Sunday, April 27, 2014

DigiLit Sunday...Thoughtful Decisions

Thank you to Margaret Simon of Reflections on the Teche for providing this space for teachers to share what's going on in their classrooms around digital literacy.  Please go to her blog to read more posts.

Yesterday, I mentioned how well our research unit was going.  It's at this point that we bring everything together.  We've spent the year reading critically as we look at different websites.  We've considered what works for us as readers and what doesn't.  Wonderopolis continues to be our go-to mentor text.  The kids have been blogging all year as well as learning different digital tools to show their thinking.  My hope is that they become more and more cognizant of the choices they are making in their digital compositions.  I want them to be able to explain why they are making the moves they make.

This week I showed them two more tools to use:  hyperlinks and Google Draw.  It's been interesting to listen in as they incorporate these tools into their work.  I asked students to include a hyperlink in their Monday Slice of Life blogs.  We looked at some examples in Wonderopolis and talked about why a person would want to use a hyperlink.  Typical, a few students had already tried using them in their blogs, but many had not.  As I walked around the room last Monday, I heard conversations about which words would be important to link.  Then they had to think about which website was the best one to link to.  They were reading and thinking critically and I was one happy teacher.

I also wanted to give them another tool with which to create diagrams, flowcharts, etc. for their final websites.  I introduced Google Draw by showing them this video, then I let them explore.  I've left it up to them to decide how to incorporate Draw into their final project.  Again, they've had to decide what kind of visual will best support their writing.  Grace decided to create a diagram, which I think is really good.  Others are creating timelines, flowcharts, and comparison diagrams.  

I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.  We'll be using Weebly to create our websites and the kids are itching to have all of the elements gathered so that they can start on their individual web page.  Hopefully, we'll get to make lots of progress this week.


  1. Lots of digital learning going on in your classroom. I love using Wonderopolis and have used it often, but now I see yet another way, as a mentor text for hyperlinks. Great idea! Grace's diagram is adorable. How is Google Draw different from Powerpoint or Paint? Thanks for linking up and sharing so many great ideas.

  2. Just checked my Kidblog and we have your class on our blog roll. I will talk to them an Monday about connecting over the summer. I will also use their posts to model hyperlinks. Thanks so much!

    1. That's great. Will you send me your link to your Kidblog? Then I can add it to our blog roll (which we don't even have this year). :) Google Draw is probably closer to Paint. It's part of the Google Apps. Powerpoint is similar to Google Presentations.

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