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I've been thinking about my One Little Word for 2014.  Words have come and gone as I've considered their implications for myself.  Each year, I want to choose a word that will help take me places that I need to or want to go to.  2013's word, reach, was a good word for me.  I not only reached out, but I reached inward too.  Here's a quote from last year's OLW post:

Finally, I will reach for acceptance, acceptance that I can't do it all and that's OK.  I will give myself a break from perfection, and striving to know it all, do it all, and be all.  I will let myself struggle with new things and take myself a little less seriously.  I will work towards continuing to grow into the best person I can be, for we are never really done are we?

Whew! That's been a hard one!  When you expect perfection in all you do, it's difficult to let your guard down and admit that you really don't have everything under control.  I discovered that the world didn't fall apart, nor did I when I accepted that I didn't have to know it or do it all.  That knowledge is really the foundation of my word for 2014.

My word was born one afternoon while our house was being shown.  My husband, daughter, and son decided to try a new restaurant.  (Going out to eat seems to be the thing we do when our house is being shown).  Dane's Dessert Cafe is owned by the parent of one of my students and we've been wanting to try it.  We had a fun time together, laughing over scrumptious crepes.  After we finished, the kids went one way, and my husband and I went another.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with unseasonably warm temperatures for December. We walked through Goodale Park, and then decided to venture to the North Market. I love North Market...there are so many different foods, colors, aromas, and people.  I always find something new to try there.  As we were meandering through the aisles, my word came to me.  It was Discover. it sat with me, I realized that I was in need of discovering new things.  I've spent a lot of time avoiding  new things because I might not be good at it.  At this point in my life, I now understand the importance of giving myself permission to not be perfect.  A sense of hope and excitement filled me when I thought about the possibilities.  I turned to Keith and told him what I was thinking, "I want to discover new things.  I'm thinking it would be fun to try one new thing every week."

So, I'm excited about new discoveries.  

As I mentioned in Saturday's post, I'm reading You're Made for a God-Sized Dream (thanks to Ruth for the recommendation) and talking about the book with some friends and my sister.  I'm looking forward to see what I discover through these conversations.  I'll be checking in on Holley Gerth's website and participating in her Wednesday posts.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting with Kevin Cordi about a new poetry project.  There's no doubt that I will be discovering so much through this process.

Cathy Mere and I will be working with colleagues on a teacher's digital writing workshop.  I can't wait to see what we discover here.  (Cathy and I are indeed kindred souls.  Please read her OLW post and you'll see what I mean.  I called her immediately after I read her blog because I was so surprised.  Although I shouldn't have been.  This happens to us a lot).

And then there's my personal home on the horizon and new adventures.  I'll be sure to write about my discoveries, both professional and personal as they happen.

Oh, and my fourth graders will be writing about their OLW this week.  I always love doing this activity with my kids.  It's one more way to discover something new about them.


  1. That's the best word! I envy all your new discoveries. Be sure to share them.

  2. Looking forward to hearing about what you discover this year, Julie. Great OWL!

  3. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Participate if you care to!
    Ann Hagedorn

  4. I love the sequence of your words. Reach prepared you for discovery. I'm excited to see what your discoveries will lead you to. Enjoy your sunshine blogging.

    I'm going to try OLW with my students too.

  5. I loved doing OLW with my fourth graders too. It's amazing how much insight they have about how a word can guide them on their way.

    Will check out Cathy's post.

  6. Julie,
    I think this is too funny. We not only have the same word, but we chose it in the same place. We can cheer each other on and help each other discover new things. You already are well on your way.

    I think it's interesting you have your kids choose a word. I was considering having my class choose a word for us to think about in the new year. I'm wondering how that would work. Sometimes we just have to dive to find out.

    Can't wait to DISCOVER with you,

  7. Julie, I loved reading how "discover" found you! Do you know that it also found me! It is fun to know someone who has the same olw! Look forward to reading about all the new things that you will discover this year!

  8. The word discover is so full of possibilities. I love the thought of giving ourselves permission to not be perfect. I am also reading God-Sized Dreams. I wrote a little bit today and am thinking about divulging a little more...kind of scary! Michelle Haseltine and I are considering Holley's Wednesday challenge too.

    I was considering doing OLW with my 4th graders and was wondering how you approached them about it? Would you mind sharing some advice with me?

    1. Leigh Anne, I share some OLW posts with my kids. (I wish I had some kid examples). Then I give them a list of words ( and ask them to circle ten words that speak to them. Then we narrow it down until they choose their word. We do a blog post and a piece to put in the hallway. Let me know if you do it with your kids. It would be fun to share them.

    2. I find that it's great that more than one person has chosen the word "discover." It is going to be interesting to see how each one uses the word and what you discover. I wonder if any of your students will choose the same word as you.

  9. Interesting how you and Cathy chose the same word, living that same experience at the North Market. I've considered that as my word too, but still haven't made a decision. BTW, I loved the North Market when I would attend the Reading Recovery conference. Sigh, I miss visiting Columbus every year.

  10. Your 2014 plate seems to be full already Julie. Remember to find time to breathe and smell those roses, that's all I'm saying :) We have Troy's book to get moving as well.
    Happy 2014!!!!!

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