Slice of Life Tuesday

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Today has been one of those days and my propensity to procrastinate has made it necessary to write a very quick Slice of Life this evening.  I missed last week and didn't want to miss two weeks in a row.  

Five Things That Made Me Smile Today

1.  My day started at Bob Evans as I had breakfast with a friend this morning.  Breakfast at Bob's on Tuesday morning is an eleven year tradition that I never miss.

2.  As I began to show my students how to divide using partial quotients, Camille said, "Oh, now that's the correct way to divide.  That's how my mom told me to do it."  We've been using different strategies to divide and today was the first day I drew the division box around the dividend.  It wasn't long before she realized that we were not doing traditional long division.  I'm not sure if she still considered my way the "correct" way or not.

3.  I got my hair cut and colored tonight.  I LOVE getting my hair shampooed at the salon.  I almost fell asleep in the shampoo chair!

4.  I worked late getting ready for a sub.  My husband sent me this text as I was leaving school. The whole way home, I looked forward to the homemade enchiladas he and Annie made.  

5.  I am now home, my belly is full, and I'm drinking hot chocolate.  The car thermometer showed the outdoor temperature was 5 degrees.  (I don't even want to know what the wind chill is).  I'm happy to be home and get my SOL done before nine o'clock.

Have a great week!  


  1. Now it is time to fall into bed. Having hair done and someone else prepare dinner? You are living the good life.

  2. As Elsie said, to have your hair done to perfection and have a sublime dinner waiting for you all in one night is just .... well, I'm jealous! Enjoy!!!

  3. Your happiness made me smile, too. All very lovely things.

  4. I LOVE getting my hair shampooed! It is so soothing and relaxing! It is three degrees here in MI; I don't think I will be turning the thermostat too low tonight.Extra warmth is a good thing. Enjoy your sweet life!

  5. Love this! It is nice to focus on the good things in life. :) I love getting my hair done too! Enjoy.

  6. It sounds like a very good day, except for that cold, cold weather! Those enchiladas look wonderful, Julie. Hope you can sleep in tomorrow!

  7. Thanks for sharing your day and ending with a cup of hot chocolate. I love Slice Days.

  8. I could not help but laugh at your students comment about division. I love the different personalities of our students and the funny comments they make. Thanks for sharing.


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