I am an avid fan of Franki and Mary Lee's blog, A Year of Reading.  I learn so much from them and the opportunity to learn and build some good habits is being handed to me again.  As soon as I read Franki's post about the birth of Nerdlution, I knew I had to join.  Since spending a few days with writers at a Choice Literacy retreat this summer, I've been trying hard to write every day.  I started out well, but once school got started and the busyness set in, it's fallen by the wayside.  Same goes with exercising and trying to be more active on Twitter.  I'm thinking if I commit to 50 days and I have the support of a community, I have a better chance of solidifying these aspirations into real habits.  So here goes...

  • I am going to commit to writing every day for at least 30 minutes.  I am working on a book with Troy Hicks and some other teachers.  Yes, a real book...one that I'm very excited about (and haven't really made public until this time).  I also have some ideas for Choice Literacy articles and my blog has suffered lately.  I want to post at least one more time a week about what is going on in my classroom.

  • I am going to work through the book The Connected Educator by Sheryl Nessbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall with my principal.  That is going to help me become more active on Twitter.  I've started putting Twitter talks on my calendar on my phone so I remember them.  I'll be on #titletalk tonight at 8:00 EST.  :)
  • I am committing to walking or exercising every day.  Since it gets dark so early, I'll either exercise before I go to school (which means working out to a video in my basement since I live out in the country) or take my tennis shoes and go for a walk right after school.  Who knows, it may give me more energy to go back and get papers graded or finish the work that always seems to be looming ahead.  
  • Which leads me to my final goal...leave school by 5:00.  I am taking back my personal life and focusing on doing something every day that feeds my soul.  Walking and writing both do that for me.  I have other hobbies too, that I'd like to carve out time for...reading blogs and taking time to comment, baking (it is cookie season after all), reading for pleasure, visiting friends, etc.  It's all of those things that will make me a better person.
I'm excited about this journey.  I'll be checking in on my blog and will be tweeting my accomplishments using the hashtag #nerdlution.  Feel free to join the fun.  You can read Colby Sharp's blog to get even more information.


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