Google 20% in 6 Words

Last week Kevin Hodgson published 6 word thoughts from those who are participating in #nerdlution.  Unfortunately, I missed the call for people to share their thinking, but fortunately, I did check in the next day and found his Haiku Deck.  It is beautiful, to say the least.

I started to wonder what my students might say about their ability to choose their topics and ways to share their learning when we do Google 20%.  There is so much variety in what is happening in my room, which I talked about in an earlier post.  Not only is there a lot of variety, but there is also so much enthusiasm.  Every day I hear, "Can we do Google 20% today?"  They often choose to work on their projects during reading and writing workshop if time permits.

I showed the kids Kevin's Haiku Deck (combined with audio from the #nerdlution collaborative song) and talked about where the idea came from to use 6 words to tell a story.  They were intrigued and willing to give it a try.  It took a few attempts for some, while others got the hang of it right away.  I was impressed with their thinking.  I've not used Haiku Deck before, but decided to give it a try.  Thank you so much to Kevin for the inspiration and pushing my thinking with my students.



  1. These are fantastic! What a great collection of reflection points.

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  3. It is very difficult to put up a story in six words. Most people struggle to write stories and complete them even after several book sequels. This would be a great challenge to the kids and it would improve their creativity.

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