Celebration Saturday

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for hosting Celebrate Friday.  Please check out her blog to read others' celebrations.

Today I celebrate...

I keep starting and restarting this post.  I'm struggling.  Someone I love dearly received devastating news.  I struggle because I'm far away, and there's nothing I can do for her.  I don't think there's anything anyone can do.

So as we prepare for Christmas here, tantalizing aromas dance through the kitchen, kids are home making me smile, we all feel a sense of happiness and contentment.  And yet, sadness tugs at my heart.  Where can I find the celebration?

For tonight, I find I am focusing on the love that overflows from those of us who hold her close.
Love that will soothe, giving her strength when she needs it most
Love that will fill the gaps that words cannot
Love that will heal when she is ready
Love that will return again and again
It is in endless supply
Always at the ready
To be given freely
As arms are opened to
Welcome her
Hold her
Support her
when she needs it most.


  1. It is so hard when we want or need to be close to a loved one. Your words are beautiful, and I hope she finds comfort in them. I will pray that she feels your love tonight and that God helps both of you through this difficult time.

  2. Julie, I wish you the right words to comfort your loved one. I wish you joy in the middle of sadness. I wish you much love--even an extra dose--to fight the sadness.

  3. It is so hard when we can do no more that to offer our hearts and prayers to others during the hardest of times. Yet, I too pray that your friend feels your loving embrace and prayers from afar. I too will keep you and your friend in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Julie-
    Praying that God will bring wisdom, peace, and comfort to your loved one.

  5. You will be able to offer her comfort and love whenever you reach out, Julie, as good friends do.

  6. Ruth was right to encourage celebration even during the sad moments. It forces us to look for love and light. Not easy. Hug.

  7. Julie,
    I'm glad you celebrated! Thank you for sharing this story and giving encouragement even when you're feeling sad too! I wish you peace as you wrestle with how to best support someone in need. I know you'll find the right words to comfort your loved one! It's one of your gifts!

  8. Celebrating love that overflows...that's what it's ALL about, isn't it?

  9. I hope you've found time to be with your friend, Julie, and that comfort can be there for her, and for you in your caring too. Sorry to hear this news.


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