Slice of Life Challenge #1: Change of Heart

I had decided to give myself permission to not write this year, or at least to not make my writing public.  I told myself that I could join the others in my school and write in my journal.  Curling up around my writing, keeping my stories to myself seemed the safest way to participate this year.  I was going to be OK with saying "no" to this opportunity.  I've participated in the Two Writing Teacher's March challenge for the last 5 or 6 years and I've always gotten so much out of it.

But this year seems to be different.

I haven't been writing.

Fostering an eight year old and a twelve year old in this stage of my life is taking a toll.  And I haven't written.  I ask myself why.

Their stories are personal and not mine to share, and yet, their stories are becoming my stories.  Some stories are joyful, while others are so very painful.  Are these stories ones to share?

My role as a foster parent is a roller coaster.  The uphill climbs drain me, while the downhill rides sustain me.  Fostering requires me to dig deep into a reservoir of strategies, feelings, resources that I'm not sure will be there.  Does anyone really want to hear these stories?

I Voxered back and forth with my friend Cathy.  She'd cheer me on whichever way I decided to go.  As I left class tonight and  walked back to my car, I knew I was going to do it.

Writing helps me make sense of the world.  The community here supports and encourages.  I need to write.  I've missed writing.  I have so much to figure out and make sense of, that it only makes sense to do it through my writing.

So, here I am...ready to share my stories.  And even more so, excited to read and connect with others.

Here's to a month of slicing!


  1. I'm glad to see you here, Julie and have wondered how your life has been going? I understand about sharing those private things, but perhaps, like any parent, sharing the joys and the frustrations that happen will help you? I've loved seeing the pictures you've shared on FB. Best wishes to you in this journey. I do admire you and your husband for the doing, and the children for doing their best in hard circumstances.

    1. It seems that you have started your new year which is focusing on your decision to not write this year and not make your writing public in this year. Being as an academic consultant or marketing dissertation tutor - I understand you and waiting to hear more about your journey! Keep sharing! Happy writing!

  2. Looks like we are in this together! Perhaps the best way to make sense of this crazy wonderful life is to get writing. Here we go!


  3. I am so glad that you are here, Julie! I always love to read your writing! :)

  4. Your post touched my heart. I'm looking forward to reading your stories.

  5. A brave choice! I can't imagine the challenges of foster parenting. Here's to a month of being supported, encouraged, and making sense of the world.

  6. Julie, I'm happy you are here writing too! I have read many slices about those who have pushed writing to the side, but are looking at the "why" of taking on a challenge now. That why is so essential to our purpose for being here ... I think Carol said it best: "I live better when I slice." So, here's to living better this month! Happy Writing!

  7. I'm so happy you are here! Maybe you can make decisions along the way about the stories that go public and the ones that go in your notebook. Maybe you'll have two entries a day if needed - public/private. Can't wait to see your journey.

  8. Julie - yay!! I'm glad you're here, and you're writing again. After not writing for quite some time (for very different reasons), I realize that now I've made the commitment, I am noticing the world around me like a writer again. Anything and everything is fair game. I do believe that writing gives me a better world vision.

  9. During the hard times....and I have's hard to make your writing public....but please know your voice has always been important to me and many others.....your girls are lucky to have you in their lives....your sensitivity to their needs is a gift like no other

  10. Wow, I can totally understand your hesitation, but I am glad you've chosen to write. I look forward to your posts. What a journey you're on!

  11. I'm really glad you are writing Julie. And yet I know that roller coaster ride so well. Can't wait to hear more about your journey this month!


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