Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Power of One Little Word

Thank you to Margaret Simon for hosting DigiLit Sunday.  Please visit her site to read about how others are integrating technology into their reading and writing workshops.

It's been a wonderful week of celebrating One Little Word.  My students took this project seriously as they thought about their word.  For some, their words came to mind immediately.  For others, they had to let their thoughts marinate and solidify until they came upon their special word.  As I listened to their thinking and watched them work, I was very impressed.

I asked them to create some kind of visual digitally and then share their image/video as well as some kind of writing to explain why they chose their word on their blogs.  Here are just a few.

You can read more of our posts on our Kidblog site.  


  1. This is wonderful, Julie - so many variations on the project!

  2. These are amazing. It makes me want to work on creating a visual poster for my word. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What fantastic work! Another model for my kiddos and me. Thanks, Julie.

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