Sunday, January 17, 2016

Digital Maker Playground 2: Join Us!

Thank you to Margaret Simon from Reflections on the Teche for hosting DigiLit Sunday.  Please visit her blog to see how other educators are integrating technology into their reading and writing workshops.

Who doesn't like to play?  Cathy Mere and I are hoping that you'll want to join us in our next Digital Maker Playground.  Last year's experience, open to everyone, was such a good experience, that we wanted to continue the fun.  We had participants from different states and countries. The collaboration was wonderful as we all learned so much from each other.

This year's playground focuses on reader's response.  Digital tools give students more options than ever to respond to their reading.  Responses are no longer just contained in reader's  notebooks.  Photography, video, sound, text...these all become components of students' responses.   One of the best things about this opportunity is that you can participate virtually.  If you live close by and want to come to our live workshops, you can do that too.  Our first workshop is this Tuesday from 4:15 to 5:45.

So, consider joining us.  Our first make will be a photographic response to the Newberry winner, The Last Stop on Market Street.  You can find directions in our Google+ community.  If you haven't joined us, then head on over.  You can also get more information from Cathy's Smore poster.  Share your makes on the community.  You can also share on Twitter using  #p2lmooc .


  1. I am joining in, virtually. I already posted the photo idea to my class. We'll see what they do with it. ( I am home directing class through kidblogs. I had an exercise accident. Cracked tailbone. Ouch! ) I ordered the book, but it won't come for a week. I'll join in when I can.

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