Summer Days of Making Jam

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It's hard for me to slow down as I transition from the end of school crazies to quieter, summer days.

Making jam helps me ease into slower paced days.
You can't rush jam.
Skip a step, and you end up with a soupy mess, not fit for any morsel of bread.
It forces me to slow down.
It requires concentration...leading me away from thinking about school.

You need just the right fruit...not too ripe.
Crushed not too fine.

Precise measurements.
Rolling boil that can't be stirred down.
A full minute.

Don't rush it.

Carefully ladled into hot jars.

No less than 10 minutes in the boiling hot water bath.

Don't rush it.

And then, listen for the pop.
The jars are sealed.
The jam is ready.

And I am ready for
unhurried days.
Iced tea on the patio.
Books to dive into.
Leisurely walks.


  1. Yum. And yay for you- I love how this process takes you into summer mode. And I'm going to reread this and try making jam myself.

  2. Yum. And yay for you- I love how this process takes you into summer mode. And I'm going to reread this and try making jam myself.

  3. I made jam once. It was so difficult for me (Granted, I was new to having a real kitchen so I wasn't that experienced yet!) that I haven't done it again. I'm going strawberry picking this week and am thinking that perhaps it's time to try some jam-making again.

    Enjoy the jam and the sweetness and slow pace of summertime!

  4. Somehow I would expect you to be someone who makes jam. Can I come over for tea? I love slower days, but I will not be making jam. I have a lovely crocheted quilt in the works, though.

  5. I love this post. It's so peaceful. And it makes me want to try making jam!

  6. I love your transition to summer through jam making. I just finished posting about how baking is getting me through our last days of craziness--8 days and counting! I'm not sure there's anything better than the sight of jars of jam glowing on the counter and the intermittent clicks as the seals pop in. Enjoy your jam and enjoy your summer!

  7. Such a soothing post! I love that you can't hurry jam ( like love... Haha!)This post made me long for jam on soft warm bread and a glass of iced tea on the porch overlooking a garden. Sigh. 2 more weeks of school here and hurrying to finish everything on the list!

  8. This may be my last post of the day to read, Julie, and it's a lovely relaxing one to read. I still have evals left to write and the rest of my things to bring home. I'm looking forward to making jam and slowing down. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Your sweets look mouth-watering! Yum! Enjoy the slower pace! Nice to "see" you again for Slicing! Jennifer Sniadecki

  10. Love, love, love this! I enjoyed the way you structures the piece so it even has that slow feel as I read. It honestly makes me want to make jam, but I am still mastering cake and biscotti.



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