Jumping into #clmooc: The Unintroduction

The #clmooc community has been busy "unintroducing" themselves.  The first make intrigued me from the beginning...unraveling the introduction and looking at how we introduce ourselves personally, professionally, and online.  I immediately went to the idea of contrasting who people think I am based on outside appearances, and who I really am on the inside.

I rehearsed  ideas in my head all week, sure of the message, not sure of how to best share that message.  In addition, I purposely stayed away from reading about others' makes.  There was so much to think about that I didn't want what others were doing to sway my thinking one way or another.   In hindsight, I don't know if I'll do that for the next make (which I can't wait to see).  There's power in seeing what others are doing, learning about new tools, and trying some new ideas.  I tried one new app on my iPad, Kaleidescope, and then relied on some familiar apps, Explain Everything and PicCollage.

I used Kaleidoscope to take a photo of my surroundings when I began working today.  As I sat at the patio table, I had my iced tea (always nearby), the grill was going, the flowers were in the background, and I had 3 devices plugged in.   I used Kaleidoscope to show the explosion of everything going on at the same time.  I then added images and text of all the things swirling around in my head.

I needed an image to show the "outside" Julie and chose the one of me drinking tea when out to breakfast with my husband.  It was one of those lovely, slow moving mornings when I did feel nice and calm on the outside and inside.  The thought bubble shows what's typically going on inside my head.  Lastly, I added the text  "Julie on the outside" and "Julie on the inside."

My "Unintroduction"

People often ask me, "How do you do everything you do? You always seem so calm."  Who do people see me as?  I think they see someone who they believe...

  • Is calm and collected
  • Has it all together
  • Is organized
  • Has few if any problems
And I always think to myself..."If only they knew."  Because on the inside I know that I...
  • Take on too much
  • Jump into projects without thinking
  • Juggle a million things and don't always do such a good job
  • Pretend nothing is wrong when I might be crying inside
  • Have a difficult time sitting and doing nothing
One thing about it,  I know that all of the things I do take on, are things that I love.  There is not one thing in the jumble of pictures above that I would eliminate.  
  • Time with my family
  • Time to travel
  • Time to bake and garden
  • Time with my colleagues and friends
  • Time to read and write
So maybe what I need to do is instead of jumping into the deep end, is to slowly wade in.  Because like the sign says, "Cross traffic does not stop."  

Life doesn't stop; it keeps on going.  

Thank you to Margaret Simon for hosting DigiLit Sunday where others are sharing their journeys using digital literacies in their classrooms.  I invite you to visit her site and read other DigiLit Sunday posts.  


  1. Your unintro is so you, I think. What is your enneagram number again? The more I study it, the more confused I get about who I really am. I need the introspective time but I also love to dive in to new projects. I could have written your post even. Thanks for faithfully sticking with DigiLit Sunday.

    1. I am a 3, Margaret. Threes are all about appearing like they have it all together, when in fact, they usually don't. :)

  2. Julie,
    I can finally come around and read makes as I finished mine this morning. Yes, I took procrastination to a new level and was actually late. Not good. I just needed a few days to enjoy the waves.

    I enjoyed your introduction. We all feel the need to wade instead of dive, but I'm thinking it's the dive in you that keeps it interesting. I always think the best things happened because I took a dive. (Of course, having a life jacket near by every once in awhile might be helpful.)

    Beautiful post, Julie. I think we see you from a variety of sides.


    P.S. You'll laugh at this. I was talking to my English major family (Jeff & Cortney) on the way down about an unintroduction. They refused to play along saying an unintroduction means you don't have to introduce yourself so you are already done. Oh, those English majors.

    1. My creative design daughter basically said the same thing. :) Zach on the other hand, was all about it. We'll check in with him next time we are stuck. lol


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