Celebration Saturday...Lessons Learned from my Boy

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Twenty-two years ago, our son Zachary was born.  I distinctly remember my friend telling me that I needed to have a boy.  She went on to explain that Molly had been too easy of a baby and I needed to find out what parenting was really like.  I didn't believe her.  I was pretty sure back then in my naivety that it was all those parenting books I was reading and my exceptional parenting skills that made Molly so easy to raise.  I thought I'd just keep doing what I'd always been doing and all would be fine.  

Although to be honest, a tiny part of me was a little afraid.  I grew up with sisters.  I wasn't really sure how to raise a boy.  I also worried about how I was going to love him as much as I loved Molly. How foolish I was.  The minute I held him, it was love at first sight.

It didn't take long to realize that my friend was right...he was completely different from Molly.  She was verbal at an early age, he didn't talk much, but, oh could he get around.  I learned early on that he could disappear in a split second.  In fact, he's taught me many things...

I am so very thankful that my husband and I were given the privilege of raising this young man.  I would't want it any other way.


  1. I'm not sure it's a boy thing. My boy was the first, and just as you described, so verbal, although he was also a climber. My girl was quieter, but escaped to many places, & now my daughter has two girls, the first as you described Molly, the second, moving, moving all.the.time. Whatever it is, each one is to be cherished as it sounds like you do, Julie. Happy Birthday, Zachary!

  2. Happy Birthday to Zachary. I only know having boys, but I do believe parenting is an adventure. My husband and I were just talking today, the second one always seems to remind us to laugh and be patient. As I'm typing this, he's letting me know that he's a "Grilled Cheese Lover." What?! Thanks for sharing a lovely celebration!

  3. And we learned that boys (at least yours) thought clothes were unnecessary impediments to a fun, creative day! Happy birthday sweet, crazy little Zach. You're still the best New Years date I've had in years!

  4. Happy Birthday to your boy - he sounds just like my Ben.

  5. I am also blessed to have a son and a daughter who have both taught many things but different lessons. You have learned some wonderful lessons too. Have a great week back.

  6. I never got my boy, but I've enjoyed my nephew immensely, as well as boy students. Someday, maybe I'll have a grandson. Three daughters kept us well busy. I am so glad I got to meet Zach so I have a picture of who you are so proud of. Give him a happy birthday greeting from me.

  7. Aw, this is so sweet. I only got to raise girls, but I can still relate to laughter, fun, patience, discovery, exploration, and music in raising them. :-)


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