The Story in the Picture

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He took her hand, this taciturn man.  She'd always been the one with the soft heart, while he walked through life seemingly unaffected.  His quiet ways, sometimes maddening, gave the impression of nonchalance.  And now, I wonder.  Has this patient, thoughtful man, been hiding?  Have I misunderstood all this time?  Because now I see he also has a soft heart and he is, in fact, affected.  
            He encourages. 
                       He listens.
                              He supports.
                                          He holds her hand.
                                                          He shows me what love looks like after 53 years.



  1. Such a sweet post, Julie - we discover things about the people we love (and think we know well) in mysterious ways. Thinking of you.

  2. When illness strikes we see the true person. I love the picture and how it tells the whole story. Blessings to your mom for a speedy recovery.

  3. A beautiful story. Prayers for your family.

  4. A gorgeous snapshot of your parents' love for each other. I remember watching a similar situation when my dad was ill and marveling at the depth of 35 years of loving each other.

  5. This is beautiful. I love the line, "He took her hand, this taciturn man."

  6. Julie,
    Just beautiful. I'm glad your mom is on the road to recovery and your dad is right there by her side.


  7. Julie,
    I love this beautiful snapshop of your parents. It is amazing how these people we have known all our lives can continue to reveal themselves in new ways in exraordinary circumstances.

  8. Julie,
    First, sorry to hear about your mom's illness. Praying for healing...hope she's doing better. You so captured the moment with your description of your dad's role change. Beautiful words you've shared in such a delicate way to describe his soft side...

  9. You nailed it Jule. I have rarely seen such a great picture. And that is beautiful.

  10. I'm thankful we live in an age where it's OK to express our emotions. It hasn't always been that way. And although I am sorry your mother is ill, I am so glad you saw this glimpse into your dad's heart. An insight - and a picture - to cherish.

  11. Be still my heart. This is so precious and I'm glad you shared this moment of your parents' love for each other captured here. I'm so sorry that your mother is ill. Hope she will be better soon.

    Beautiful wording here, Julie. Really. You've got me reading this one over and over for a bit.


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