Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kitchen Memories

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The last week of #clmooc's challenge was to create a 5 image story.  This story, more than 5 images, was spurred by a couple of comments left on my FB post about packing up my kitchen. You see, we are moving from the house we raised our children in and the time has come to start packing.  Lots of emotions run through me.  

 A member of the CLMOOC community mentioned that often these stories are shared after the fact, when one can look back and laugh.  She wondered if it helped me to tell the story now.  It makes me wonder, why did I choose to tell this story now?  Why did I choose my favorite room to pack first?  Did I know it might be the hardest to do?  

Tomorrow, I will share my thinking about the process of creating this story.  For today, I will let the story speak for itself.  Take your time as you go through the images and listen to the words of the song.


  1. Oh Julie, as you know I just did this a little over a year ago. I love your pics, could have enjoyed even more! After so many years, there are so many "remember whens". Thanks for sharing!

  2. After living in a home for a long time, there are lots of memories to cherish and write about. Cleaning out and wondering "why did I keep this?". Thanks for sharing your memories.


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