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I left my mom's house two weeks ago, not sure what was in store for her future.  In fact, the last time I participated in Slice of Life, I was exhausted and scared to death.  We didn't know what was wrong with Mom and we weren't sure if the doctors would be able to help her.  For someone like me, there is not much worse than not knowing.  By the time she was sent home, she had a diagnosis of spinal stenosis and a bulging disc.  With instructions to see a physical therapist and the orthopedic surgeon, she came home dependent on a walker and still in a lot of pain.  I was worried that this would be her new life.

I talked with her every day.  She's had good days and bad days and Dad's been taking excellent care of her.  Each day, she sounded a little better.  She got good reports from the physical therapist and seemed to be on the upswing.  I was feeling hopeful as I traveled to Brimfield this weekend to celebrate her birthday with her.

As I placed her birthday cake on the table and called out to her, I was readying myself to see her sitting on the couch, wrapped in the heating pad.  I can't begin to explain how I felt when she met me in the kitchen, walking independently with no walker,  a big smile on her face and her arms open wide for a hug.  My day instantly got 100 times brighter.  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present for her.

Here's Mom with most of her grandchildren and a few extras.


  1. That's an awesome picture! How glorious for all of you gathered there to see your Mom so happy and basking it all in.

  2. This image sure puts a smile on your face - and mine too! Happy Birthday to her!

  3. That smile is putting a grin on my face. I'm with you, friend :)

  4. So glad she is getting better. My mother-in-law is suffering with a disc, too. She has had an injection but still having pain and weakness. She does not want to slow down. It's so hard when they are forced to become less active. She will be starting Pilates next week.

  5. This is great news! I hope she continues such a speedy recovery! I love how this Slice kind of culminated in one quick second - that moment you saw her in the kitchen. A perfect resolution to the worry you describe in the beginning.

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  6. Such a happy ending and a wonderful picture. Hope her recovery continues as well as it has begun. :-)

  7. My mother has the same back problems, but at 80,hers are not improving at all. My parents are in the process of moving to a senior retirement center while she's in the nursing home. Good to know that there are other people out there struggling with parents. At least it's summer and there's more time to soend with them.


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