DigiLit Sunday...Our Wonder Projects

Thank you to Margaret Simon for hosting DigiLit Sunday.  Please check out her blog, Reflections on the Teche, to see how others are incorporating technology into their classrooms.

Our Wonder Projects came to life when my students shared them with their parents and our school community on Wednesday.  I received a lot of positive feedback from parents who were impressed with the work the students did.  From my own perspective, I was amazed.   Having done this project last year, I had time to reflect and make improvements.  The extra time and changes I incorporated paid off.  My students made purposeful, conscious decisions as they created their web pages.  Going through their reflections made me realize just how much they learned this year.  I'll be sharing my reflections on the process this week.  For now, take a look and if you have time, leave a comment on our Comments for Students page.  Click on the link below to view Wondering in Room 114.  I am so very grateful to Wonderopolis for being such a quality mentor text for my students.

Wondering in Room 114


  1. Very impressive! I'm thinking my Weebly website has some new life in store for next year!

  2. I hadn't thought of Wonderopolis as a mentor text, but it really is. Thanks for making me realize yet another use for an already incredible site!

  3. Thank you, Julie! We would love to talk with you about our future plans and how we can work with you more!

    1. I would love to talk to you Emily. My email is juliaajohnson62@gmail.com.

  4. I love this project. I think we should do it next year with our 6th grade enrichment group. We've been talking about using the theme Wonder. I have sent them all a link to the site.
    What was your experience with Weebly? Is this a kid friendly website builder? I may have to try it out this summer. I am getting so many great ideas from everyone!


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