Slice of Life Tuesday...Life's Dreams

Recent events summon fond memories of  dreams I once had...the Olympics and the death of Shirley Temple open the door to the past and invite me in for just a moment.

Hopes...stuffed in my snow suit, my white figure skates tied snugly against my ankles, I wobbled out onto the frozen pond in back of our house.  In my 7-year old mind, the flooded corn field became the Olympic ice.  As I glided across the "pond,", dodging the cornstalks that peeked through the ice, I imagined myself spinning and leaping in front of the Olympic crowd as they tossed roses to me for my outstanding performance.  Of course, I won the gold.


Aspirations...If I wasn't going to the Olympics, maybe I'd make it as a dancer.  The Good Ship Lollipop played in the background as I step-ball-changed across the stage.  Decked out in my blue rouched leotard and flouncy sequenced skirt, I became a famous tap dancer that people from around the world clamored to see.  I loved dancing!  I imagined I grow up in a mirror-lined studio, practicing my pliés, twirling, and swaying to sweet, rhythmic music.

Alas...these dreams were not meant to be.

 Yesterday, I chatted with my sister (who by the way danced to The Good Ship Lollipop with me), on her 50th birthday.  She asked me if I had a hard time on my 50th (For me, 51 was actually harder than 50).  We became introspective...time slips by so quickly.

Dreams come and go.  Some are reached, while others remain just out of our grasp.    If we're lucky, we might get a second chance at missed dreams.  They propel us forward.  They give us hope.  Without our dreams, where would we be?

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  1. Dreams are the stuff that transform cornfields into ice skating rings. Thank goodness for dreams..

  2. I never dreamed of the Olympics, never got to watch when I was that young, but I did dream of being a dancer like Ginger Rogers-swirling in those dresses with Fred Astaire. I remember, like you, Julie, and dreams are like Tara says, the stuff that is good in our lives, keeps us taking the next steps. Nice to hear tonight!

  3. Not all dreams are meant to be, but without dreams life would be less magical. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your childhood dreams. I dreamt of dancing ballet.

  4. Thank you for sharing a few of your dreams with us. My daughter has just started taking guitar lessons---using the guitar bought as a gift for ME by my husband the Christmas we found out we were expecting her. Needless to say, priorities shifted and I never got my lessons. Excited she is getting to, and hoping she'll teach me everything she learns!

  5. Hopes and aspirations - wonderful slice! I like what Terje said about life being less magical without dreams. I never took dance lessons or ice skated, but I used to pretend I was Shirley Temple as I danced in front of the TV (I did have the curly blond hair).

  6. I love your dreams. They take me back to my dreams with my best friend at the park behind my house growing up. We both wanted to be this one popular Olympic gymnast at the time. We would spend hours pretending to be this girl named Kim Zymeskal (sp?). We would argue over who was her as we pretended the park bench was a balance beam.

    We finally settled and she called herself Kim Julie (my friend's name) Zymeskal, and I was Kim Jennifer Zymeskal. It seems so silly now, but we were very serious and determined.

    We had no talent, but it was so fun to dream. Boy did we dream.

    Thanks for reminding me of all my silly, but not so silly dreams.


  7. I love this. Dreams are so important and I dreamed of being a professional tennis player! You are so right, dreams give us hope no matter how big or small! Thanks for sharing this!


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