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When I was a little girl, my family would spend part of every summer at my grandparents' cabin in Geneva, Ohio.  It was one of my favorite places to go.  It wasn't anything fancy; in fact, it was quite simple and plain. But, oh, the fun we had there.  Cousins and aunts and uncles and Grandma and Pop falling over each other; canoe rides, swimming in the Grand River with our orange life jackets keeping us afloat, and sitting on the swing with Pop early in the morning eating powdered sugar doughnuts are some of my best cabin  memories.

Pine trees surrounded the cabin and I loved inhaling their piney scent.  My cousin Brenda and I had a special spot; a little grove of pine trees that was ours.  It was here that we huddled together on a blanket of pine needles, planning our trip of a lifetime...riding motocycles to California.  We carried our journals out there and wrote stories that only adolescent girls can write.  We whispered our fears and our dreams in our little copse.  It was here that we giggled about boys as we discovered that they were't so bad after all.  And then later. as teenagers, we cried about boys in the same spot.  We poured our broken hearts out to each other.  And always, standing mighty and strong around us were the pine scented trees, keeping our secrets sacred.

Last night, as my husband and I were walking in our yard, I crept back toward our little stand of pine trees and discovered that the trees (which were little sticks when we planted them 15 years ago) had now grown enough to enclose an area that brought me right back to our cabin.  The shaded area carpeted with pine needles transported
me back 20 or 30 years and it just made me feel happy to be out there.  I've decided it's going to be my new secret keeping place.  We bought two adirondack chairs to put out there and I am imagining it to be the perfect place to quiet myself, get lost in a good book, or do some writing.  And since I'll have two chairs, it will also be the perfect place to share secrets with someone special.

I'm excited about designing this space.  I'll post pictures of the final product when it's finished.


  1. Loved this post...because of the connections to the piney grove. I loved my summers for some of the same reasons. I'm glad you are putting the chairs out in that area. Sharing secrets is still so much fun! xo

  2. I have always loved that feeling of being enclosed by the trees. This sounds like a wonderful place to spend lots of time. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Isn't it wonderful how an image or a new experience takes us back to an old experience. Your journey into your pine grove did that for you. My journey through your writing did that today for me. Reading about your memories connected me to my own. And gave me fodder for a future blog. Thank you!

  4. What a neat way to be able to conjure up a special childhood memory whenever you want! I hope you enjoy the space a lot this summer!

  5. I love the memories from your childhood and the discovery of a new special spot. Enjoy resting and sitting out there this summer!

  6. I love how you wove in the past with the present, Julie....I find myself, more and more, reaching into the past these days, searching for those special memories, and wanting to hold on to them. You have found a way to hold on to those lovely cabin memories, and I can picture your summer reading days in this cocoon of pine trees.

  7. Even looks the same. Jules I can still close my eyes & see us at the cabin, together when the Family converged. Motorcycles, Davey Jones & Bobby Sherman. What I wouldn't give to still have the cabin. But keep a chair open for me. Love you.

  8. Mmmm...we had a pine forest in the front of our house where we spent hours and hours, so I'm right there with you! And a pine grove always takes me back to that pine needled floor and that green puffy sky above! I must go search one out again...and bring a chair or two. Thanks for sharing this!
    I have made a "found poem"of SOL post titles today and your title is in my poem!


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