Final Writing Celebration

Today I went to visit my students and see their final writing projects.  First of all, it felt so good to be in the classroom with them.  I've missed them like crazy while I've been recuperating from surgery.  It just feels right when I'm surrounded by kids.

Mrs. Bauer, my friend as well as my long-term sub  led the students through their final writing cycle. The kids got to choose their topic as well as the genre that would best fit the topic.  I saw such a wide variety of work.

  • stories written as books
  • scientific reports
  • a timeline
  • posters
  • webpages
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • informational writing
  • personal narrative
  • fiction 
  • characters' points of view
I had a wonderful time with my young writers.  We ended our sharing time by sitting in a big circle and talking about some of what they focused on in this last piece of writing.  They named things like finding interesting details, writing a strong lead, using subheadings and other nonfiction text features, using dialogue correctly, and figuring out where to put paragraphs.

I'm very proud of their hard work.  It's been a great year for learning and I'm going to miss this great group of kids.  Please enjoy the slideshow.  

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  1. playground bullies... shark reports... hybrid cars... friendship... adventure stories... special people

    So many important topics and ideas! All worthy of celebration!

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