Today is Digital Learning Day

When I first read about Digital Learning Day on Twitter, I was so excited.  We use technology in our classroom a lot, I'm involved in the Teacher Leadership in Teaching Digital Writing class with the Columbus Area Writing Project, and I'm always looking for new and authentic ways to use digital literacies in my room.  Imagine my disappointment when I realized that I had 2 dings against me on February 6th.  I had a half day professional development today AND all the laptop carts were signed out.  Not to be deterred, I decided that #DLDay could be any day this week in our classroom.  After checking the availability of computers, I planned our day for Monday.  The whole day was going to be devoted to our digital project.

Since we are currently working on homophones, and my kids love teaching new things to their second grade buddies, I decided that we would combine these 2 elements with  technology.  My goal was to create a mini-PBL lesson that included an authentic task for an authentic audience.  You can view the lesson on Google Docs here.  

I introduced the task:
Last week, you learned about homophones:  words that sound the same, but have different meanings.  Sometimes the words are spelled the same, and sometimes they are not.  Mrs. Wemp has asked us to create a presentation about homophones to share with our second grade buddies.  In addition, your presentation needs to include a way for your buddies to interact with what you create.  They might add a comment, add their own homophones to your work, or anything else you think will show their learning.  You will work with a small group to create your presentation.

We divided into groups depending on the type of project each child wanted to create...Voice Thread, Animoto, Blog, Skit posted as a podcast, and a traditional print book. The room was buzzing with excitement. The kids got to work right away planning their work. I listened in to thoughtful conversations about which words would be best for second graders to learn, and how they could best represent those words. As we moved around the room talking to the kids about their plans, Ms. Moore, who was team teaching with me, and I were very impressed with the thinking involved in each project.

Watch our video to see the work that went into our projects. Over the next few days, I'll be posting our finished work.

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.


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