Oh, the Possibilities...Getting Ready for the Challenge

  There is nothing sweeter to me than watching my students bond as they share a love of reading, writing, and learning.  It's not uncommon in my room to see two or three kids huddled over a book on the floor, or giggling in the corner as they share their latest stories.    One of the main reasons I love the Slice of Life Challenge is that it brings writers together in ways they never expected.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, 3 classes in our school Skyped with Stacey from Two Writing Teachers about the Classroom Slice of Life Challenge.  Today, the kids came in clamoring for their new journals.  Markers, colored pencils, crayons, math templates, and pencils were scattered all over the room as the kids sprawled here and there to create their journals.  As you can see in the above picture, the journal covers are as varied and unique as the kids.  The room was filled with chatter as the kids shared their ideas for their covers.  We have a circle of life with a slice taken out, a cover filled with all the things this boy likes to do (I'm thinking there are some topics on his cover), rainbows and swirls.

Several of the kids already have ideas for their entries.  It was fun listening in as they shared some of their ideas.  I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with my 27 young writers.  What makes it even more special is that 3 of my friends, (who happen to be my colleagues), are bringing their kids along for the journey too.  And then there's our principal...what a great opportunity for our students to get to know their principal as a writer.  I can't wait to see the ways we all grow together and the connections we make outside our classroom walls.

Thank you to Ruth and Stacey of Two Writing Teachers for hosting Slice of Life Tuesdays.  You can read other slices from this week here.  I encourage you to join us in this great adventure!


  1. What an amazing community of writers you have nurtured! I love that even your principal is taking the challenge because the prospect of making time every day to write is a little daunting. Wow!

  2. I think that is so exciting to not only do this with your students, but to take the journey with your colleagues. That will help you trouble shoot!

  3. Yea for journal creation. They are on their way. I can't wait to read their slices.

    Got the YouTube link. Am trying to upload it to TWT now. Thank you!

  4. There is excitement buzzing in this post! How cool to be able to Skype with Stacey! You enthusiasm has been contagious in your building.

  5. I love the decorated journals and the phrase that your students "...came in clamoring for their new journals." It's perfect that you included the picture. What fun you'll have with so many friends along for the journey.

  6. I love seeing the photo of the journals, so full of promise in the empty pages & beautiful covers, Julie. How great you are to take your students on this journey! And that your colleagues & your principal are going too-hurrah! I'll look for you!


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