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Friday, August 10, 2018

Celebrating #PB10for10

 This is one of my favorite times of the year.  The beginning of school always brings feelings of excitement and anticipation.  Add to that a bevy of picture book ideas and what more could you want?  I am happy to join Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek in their annual Picture Book 10 for 10 event.

This summer, I had lots of time to think about work I began during the last school year around Rudine Sims Bishop's 1990 Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors. I want my students to see themselves represented in the texts I read to them.  In the same way, I want to provide "windows and sliding glass doors" where students can see into those lives that are different from their own.  It is through that lens that I base my list which you can see below.  There are so many books that I want to add to this list, but I had to narrow it down.  If you have other books that fall under this category that you love, leave a comment below. 


  1. I just got I'm New Here from the library, so good. This is a great list, Julie, love them all, and was blown away by All Are Welcome! I would add Carin Berger's All of Us, also a new recent one I enjoyed. Thanks!

    1. thank you so much linda! it is a list i would be happy to be part of, and inclusion and the power of community and love are issues that are so deeply important to my heart.

  2. Awesome list! Thanks for sharing!

  3. this is a fabulous list...thank you

  4. A couple of older titles I love are Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say, Going Home by Eve Bunting, and And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson.

  5. What a terrific list! I ordered five of these, starting with BOWWOW POWWOW and I'M NEW HERE from the Denver Public Library. Thanks so much!

  6. I love Drawn Together, too! Great list!

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  10. I'm making my next round through #pb10for10. I have three bags of books ready to return to the library so it's time to request some other titles. You have a few on here that I've seen across posts and have read: Drawn Together (LOVE! I bought it.), I'm New Here and All Our Welcome. I checked out several others from your list. I can't wait to read Julian is a Mermaid and Maybe Something Beautiful. I'm so glad you participated and look forward to checking out your titles - and your classroom library. ;o)

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