Celebrating Normalcy

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing a space for our celebrations.  It's important that we find time to celebrate, even the little things in life. 

This weekend, I celebrate the normality that comes with being 13.

Putting makeup on her little sister and then letting sister put makeup on her.

Walking in and seeing her at the computer pinning "cute" ideas for her bedroom.

A trip to Target to buy a new bedspread and "cute" things for the wall and seeing her smile as she added to the cart.

Listening to her sing the lyrics to Hamilton as she decorated her room.

Baking cookies from her new cookbook...Nutella Peanut Butter Swirl.

Watching her carefully place her books on her new bookshelf.

Playing High/Low at dinner and hearing that her high is being with us.

 Although to some this list might seem to be not much, to my husband and me, it is the world.  This 13 year-old who we love very much is healing and for that we are eternally grateful.


  1. Great celebrations to read Julie! The celebrations seem like memorable moments.

  2. Sweetness! Such a lovely post of little celebrations.

  3. Little celebrations that are so big!

  4. They are a lot to every 13 year old, I suspect. I'm happy to hear about this celebration, Julie. Wow, too, peanut butter/nutella swirl cookies! Have a wonderful day together!

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